The Prince by Machiavelli chapters 10 Through 16

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The Prince by Machiavelli chapters 10 Through 16

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Chapters summary
Chapter ten to sixteen of the book discusses characteristics of principalities. Chapter ten discusses the manner and how principalities ought to be and their strength. The chapter discusses two major characteristics of the principalities (Machiavelli 37). These include characteristics of being able to defend themselves that is having enough resources to maintain an army. The second characteristics are those with fewer resources and are not able to defend themselves rather takes shelter behind the wall. Chapter eleven discusses the Ecclesiastical principalities. These principalities derive their power from religion, and they are all powerful in one way or the other. They have commanded respect among may even though the power is temporal.
Section twelve talks about what number of sorts of soldiery, there are and concerning Mercenaries. It underlined that the arms with which a sovereign take to protect his state are as his own as they are warriors of fortune, aides or mixed. It further explains the characteristics of these armies and how they should be managed (Machiavelli 38). Chapter thirteen discusses the Auxiliaries, mixed soldieries and one’s own in more details. How these armies are functioning is well explained in chapter thirteen. The part reasons that no realm is secure without their powers thus they ought not to rely upon different kinds of powers which are given. This will ensure stabil…

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