The Power structure and Communication

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The Power structure and Communication

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The Power structure and Communication

The Power structure and Communication
Question 1
a. Downward, formal
b. Horizontal, formal
c. Cross- Chanel, Informal
d. Upward, Formal
e. Horizontal, Formal
f. Upward, Informal
g. Horizontal, Formal
h. Upward< Formali. Cross-channel, Informal
Question 2 My organization is a school set up
The school Principal Mr. Kim Williams calls the director of studies Mr. Mc Jymy in his office, to tell him to set the date of starting the end term exams. The director of studies goes back to the staffroom and discusses the matter with the teachers (Brass, 1984). Some of the teachers propose that it be done in a fortnight (Nobrega, Viana, Bastos & de Barros, 2018). Arguments of formal communication arise between the teachers who were objecting the date, and they all settled for 10th December. The director goes back to the principal to inform him about the date. The deputy principal Mrs. Roland who is away is called by the director of the studies to make the end term examinations from 10th of Decembers. The communication, in this case, was formal. The importance of power structure is, it helps improve the flow of communication in an organization, thereby increasing productivity and innovativeness. It also creates an environment where people can work efficiently and effectively towards the organizations progress.
Question 3 and 4
The people who helped me reach wherever I am in my ca…

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