The Power of Stories

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The Power of Stories

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The Power of Stories
The Power of Stories is a book written by Ellen Veselack. The Early Childhood Leaders’ Magazine published the book on July/August 2016, Volume 39, and issue 4, no 236.
Children have great imaginations (Kiewra, 2016). They can discover as well as explore many things during their early years. This article is entirely on how the children can solve their problems, how they give stories to others and that it is through stories that young children can understand the universe that they live. Their stories should be recorded, or else they will quickly disappear and forgotten (Kiewra, 2016). There are some institutions where the observations made on children are recorded, whereby the teachers capture the core experiences of the children that tell a narration. Valuable data may be collected from the comments.
The importance and the benefits of collecting the observations are that there are details which are captured in the writings that would have otherwise been missed when trying to recall from memory. Teachers can determine the skills developed and demonstrated by the children through the recordings. It enables the teachers to understand the importance of the plays engaged in by the children hence further supporting them ( Kiewra, 2016). Another concern of recording the stories is the capability to share the development the children with their parents. The teachers efficiently tell the stories, and in the pr…

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