The Outcasts Of Poker Flat

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The Outcasts Of Poker Flat

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The Outcasts of Poker Flat
What motivates the Committee to take action against Mr. Oakhurst?
He was one among the troublemakers in the Poker Flat especially by taking part in gambling.
What effect do Tom and Piney have on all the outcast except Uncle Billy? Why?
The two touched the outcasts since they didn’t make any mistake in the Poker Flat, but they went there just to be married. Uncle Billy ran away from the camp, and he was the worst among the outcasts.
What does Harte mean in writing that Oakhurst “was at once the strongest and yet the weakest of the outcast of the Poker Flat?”
He was a known gambler who was at the forefront in protecting the outcasts, yet he ended up killing himself through suicide which seemed a weak action.
What is the contradictory about the identity of how “good guys” and the “bad guys in this tale?
The morally upright people in the story didn’t value the life of people as the ‘bad’ people did. The outcasts did anything to keep each other alive contrary to the right people.
Though the characters in this story have little in common, they band together. Why might people tend to draw together in life?
People are dependent and when alone they would feel lonely. Love and care bind people together.
Based on the story, what conclusion can you draw about the law in the settlements that sprang up during Gold Rush?
The laws were developed mainly by the colonists to be able to undermine the nativ…

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