The News Media Fair or Not

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The News Media Fair or Not

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The New Media, Fair or Not?
Chris Tomlinson in his article “Only You Can Fight Fake News,” states that the most patriotic thing Americans can do is keeping themselves informed. I agree with Tomlinson’s perspective on “fake news” that have rocked the American media in the last few incidents such as the Las Vegas shooting and massacre. In light of Tomlinson’s article, it does not make sense why millions of people have continued to believe false information propagated by month old twitter accounts rather than relying on the credibility of media outlets that have existed for centuries. It is even baffling as people continue to share the false information on their social sites (Tomlinson N.p).
I agree that that “fake news” has become a norm in the recent past. The spread of fake news can be associated with the advancement of social media platforms and the ease of access to misinformation. As Tomlinson (N.p) alludes, social media companies such as Facebook and twitter bare a burden of the fake news that has been prominent on their sites. These companies have extended their “greed” for profits and users in such a way that it has become merely impossible for them to verify information and advertisements placed on their sites. For instance, Facebook has over the past five years gained millions of new users and adverts per year. With the huge number of followers, it has become unmanageable for the company …

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