The Narrative Perspectives of GONE GIRL

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The Narrative Perspectives of GONE GIRL

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The Gone Girl Film Plot Analysis
The Gone Girl film, begins with an ideal murderous husband condition. At the start of the film, Amy leaves. The film shows how Nicks is discounted with Amy, therefore, making him have an affair with his own student Andie. Skipping of the crucial ellipsis indicating on the first day creates suspense to the viewers on wanting to know what Nick has been fulfilling during Amy’s disappearance (Jeffers 15). When Amy disappears, apparently leaving a pool of blood behind, her husband, Nick becomes the first suspect.
During the first half of the film Gone Girl, the narrator uses the diary entry of Amy to bring out the usual curve of the suspicion. The marriage of Dunnes conflicts which results in her being very frightened. When they approached the fifth marriage anniversary, she buys a gun which she meant for self-defence (Jeffers 46). Purchasing of the firearm creates suspense to the viewers since most of the people watching want to know whether she will shoot her her last entry in the diary, Amy express her fear of being killed by Nick.
The most exciting thing in this film is the approach of animals’ involvement. The film shows how Ben Affleck tries hard to save his cat (Jeffers 6). This show male characters in this film take care more of the animals rather than their wives. On the other hand, his act helps in setting the tone of the movie. The use of voicer technique has also played a very critical role in…

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