The Museum of Science and Industry

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The Museum of Science and Industry

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The Museum of Science and Industry
Chicago is part of the common urban areas of Illinois is one of the largest cities in the United States of America with deep cultural ties associated with science and technology. The Museum of Science and Industry is a significant tourist attraction in the city and is a reflection of the technological theme that the region is known for globally. I had the chance to visit the premises located around the Hyde Park neighborhood as part of a class project. The museum has been part of my bucket list activities before graduation, and the assignment had given me the opportunity to traverse the various sections and witness the exhibits showcased firsthand. On that day, the excitement got me out of bed at the crack of dawn, and by around ten o’clock I was outside waiting to make my way through the main entrance (Pridmore 46). I was unsure of where I would start, but the premises has provided guides who take guest around the corridors explaining what has been showcased and the motivation behind the exhibit.
The MSI is one a class of its own when it comes to technology and offers answers to some of the technological wonders in the world. Furthermore, it takes the guest on a journey from the past to present through the artifacts displaced. Since I love the animation movies was particularly interested in the new addition given the title, The Science behind Pixar premised on the s…

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