The Musee de la Liberation

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The Musee de la Liberation

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The Musee de la Liberation
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The Musee de la liberation is a military museum that is Paris, France. The museum is open every day except on Sundays with free admission. It was created in memory of Ordre de la liberation. The museum is composed of six rooms and three galleries that are comprised of showcases which contain more than 3,500 objects used by the military.
The Study of Objective
The primary objective of learning was to resolve how the Musee de la liberation building will be converted into a student dormitory. The core objectives of the scope were to establish the available metro, gyms, RER, library, gaming room, basketball pitch, events or any of the facilities that will be necessary for the students.
Significance of the study
The importance of the study will be significant to the students and relevant to the staff. The results of the study will be important in determining the new vision of the Musee de la liberation on what to do by choosing the building to be used for a student dorm renovation.
The outcomes of the research will shed more light to students that comply with the idea of the Musee de la liberation being converted into a dormitory (Levisse-Touze, 2001). It will open the student’s mind and enable them understands the creativity of renovation.
The study will bring out essential skills that will enable the team…

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