the moral limits of market

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the moral limits of market

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The Moral Limits of the Market
The article “What Money can’t buy” by Michael J. Sandals is a very debatable article which talks about how the American society has transformed from being a vibrant market to a market society. He clearly explains how the market these days has changed from selling ‘real commodities” to selling services or commodities that are not worth selling in his perspective. The novel portrays his disappointments with the current system of marketing and the effects it has impacted to the morals of the society. He is more concerned with how corruption has tarnished the sense of hard work as a virtue in the society and how it has made people “crazy” for money. However, he also tries to make sense of the insanity in the world today by providing simple yet convincing illustrations of how the world has turned to worship money. In this paper, we shall analyze different perspectives of his argument that the market system in the world today, especially in America has changed from being sane and reasonable to the level of pure insanity (Sandel, 2012).
Thesis statement: The marketing system may have transformed into a market society from a vibrant free market that was morally acceptable.
Background of the current market situation
The argument about the current market structure can be quite debatable in the sense that both sides can justify their stands. From the author’s perspective, the current market structure is going insan…

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