The Miracle Worker

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The Miracle Worker

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The Miracle Worker
The dialogue from the play reveals the perception and attitude James holds towards his mother, Kate. James cuts himself midway realizing he almost responds to his father angrily choosing to say that he will be moving ‘Mrs. Keller’ rather than the plants (Gibson 20). This reference to his mother as Mrs Keller while speaking to her and mother while confirming her presence demonstrates his resentment towards her (perhaps from her actions towards Helen) and attempt to feign aloofness.
In the first dialogue, the Captain tells his daughter about her mother’s absence at a time when Helen longs for Kate. With a sad reflection on his relationship with both his children, he reveals to the audience how he does not get along with James and has no close relationship with Helen. The manner in which he delivers the information comes forth as a statement of negative facts the final one being the delayed supper news.
From the second dialogue, Captain Keller comes forth as pessimistic. After hearing of young Annie’s past from Kate, his sense of doubt that a formerly blind young girl straight from school could control the unruly Helen. This pessimism arises from the fact that no adult present in the household managed to control Helen.
The letter is easier to understand than the play. The play requires the audience to capture the circumstances surrounding the scene and their relation to the manner in which the characters speak.

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