The Meaning of College Education

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The Meaning of College Education

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The Meaning of College Education
Education refers to skill or knowledge that an individual obtains through a learning process. It is usually marked by a diploma or a degree that is conferred to the individual by a college or a university to verify that he or she has satisfactorily completed a study course. The definition of what it means to be educated is, however, changing with time as the society evolves.
About five decades ago, the society defined being educated by the level of career success. Then, having a college education meant that one had higher chances of getting a well-paying job and living a stress-free life. Parents conformed to this belief, and most would strive to ensure that their children went through 12 years of primary and secondary education covering a span of knowledge including assorted living and physical sciences, language, history, physical education, assorted math, and literature. Upon completion, one has to go to college and major in the subject area with the potential of yielding a respectable job. The nature of one’s job was a significant factor in the definition of a college education. This is, however, changing as the society gets to interact with instances of people with no college education but very successful in life as well as others with a college education but with nothing to show except the certificates.
Today, society has developed a new set of parameters for defining college education. Unlike the earlier …

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