The Managerial “Hot Seat”

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The Managerial “Hot Seat”

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The Managerial “Hot Seat”
Heading uncooperative employees is a big challenge that one needs to understand appropriate approaches to follow in dealing with the employees. Carol being the head of the nursing unit needs to start by listening to the grievances of the employees under her. Listening from the aggressive employees will give her an opportunity to take in the positive observation that can aid in improving the situation at the health center.
The second thing that Carol should do is to give feedback about the behaviors of every employee. The idea of employees misbehaving at the job place by not observing the code of conduct should be addressed back to employees for them to change. Documenting the behaviors of defiant employees will help her to make a decision whether to fire an employee basing on repetitive bad behaviors. Another important thing Carol should observe is consistency. She nee to stand by her decisions at all times to avoid switching moods at time thus allowing employees to behave in varied ways at workplace, For instance taking strong action against employees who are always absent will sound a strong warning for those who do it as a habit
A manager has the mandate to recommend action against an employee. Carol should set consequences for those who will not change. For instance, the behaviors of employee forming unnecessary meetings to boycott work without following the protocols should be entitle…

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