The making of a nurse

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The making of a nurse

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The Making of a Nurse
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The first core value that influences my interaction with others, as well as my nursing career, is empathy and ability to care for others. I value above all things sensitivity to people’s situations, emotions, and experiences. The experiences of the patient provide essential background knowledge that assists in the process of problem-solving. To efficiently support patients, I understand that nurses must care for and empathize with them at all times. The second core value is communication. As a nurse, the way I handle conversation between my clients and me will inevitably determine whether they will feel helped or not. Excellent communication skills form the basis of outstanding nursing services (Rasheed 2015). I love being able to communicate with my clients even at a personal level because some problems need holistic engagement as an approach to problem-solving. I once worked as a night attendant in a hospital last year when one evening, a patient that needed urgent surgery was rushed in. It happened that she had no money and was not able to make payment as the hospital policy required. She was in a pool of blood, and I requested the accountant to allow us to go ahead with the operation. He insisted that we were going to violate the hospital’s policy. I intervened and made the payment with the little savings from my account. From this experience, I was able to learn that nursing is more than just a career but a calli…

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