The Life of Oliver Twist

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The Life of Oliver Twist

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The Life of Oliver Twist
“Treats of the place where Oliver Twist was born and of the circumstances attending his birth” (Dickens, 4). The quote identifies the conditions in which the main character was born and how it affected his life. He was born in a workhouse where there was a shelter for homeless and poor people. His mother died after his birth, and nobody knew her. These conditions made his survival difficult.
“Treats of Oliver Twist’s growth, education, and board” (Dickens 7). After unfortunate bad luck in his birth, the life Oliver became difficult. Because of lack of proper care, he grew up as a thin and pale child. Lack of proper food and hard work in the warehouse made him beg for food, which was an offense. “That boy will be hung,” said the man in charge (Dickens, 14).
“Relates how Oliver Twist was very near getting a place which would not have been a sinecure,” (Dickens, 15). He was locked in a dark house for almost a week as a punishment for requesting for more food. The workhouse offers five pounds for anybody who will take Oliver. His life started to change from the missionary to outside world.
“Oliver, being offered another place, makes his first entry into public life,” (Dickens, 22). This quote shows how the main character now started to experience harder life outside the workhouse. He got a family who did not treat him that well
“Oliver walks to London. He encounters on the road a strange sort of…

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