The learning Process

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The learning Process

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The Learning Process
Part 1
No, this is a process of maturation.
No, a child acquires his first languages not unless it was a deliberate effort.
Yes, involves repeated mind stimulation.
Yes, learned from previous experience.
No, she failed the October test due to fatigue.
No, this is an alteration of the functioning of the patient’s body.
No, this is a biological process in plants.
No, the MYCIN has not learned something but instead acquired a new feature.
Yes, this first puzzle gives her the skills to fill similar problems.
No, unless we are aware of what prompted him to retract from smoking. It could have been something different that led to him quitting smoking.
Part 2
The dogs learned through the associative learning process and continuous reinforcement that whenever they are out, the smaller dogs are given more food, and hence they associate substantial amounts of food to the smaller and cuter dogs (Hasegawa, Ohtani and Ohta 54). The smaller dogs have by instincts been able to train each other means of the smaller dogs sharing food with the larger ones that rarely get food. By default, dogs tend to prefer spending time with each other especially in happy times. When the smaller dogs get food, I believe that their instinct purges them towards seeking to celebrate a pleasant time with the other dogs hence come together with the share of the meal.
Patience and understanding are the essential tricks o…

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