THE LAWS THAT SEX WORKERS REALLY WANT (go to and look for this top)

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THE LAWS THAT SEX WORKERS REALLY WANT (go to and look for this top)

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Criminalizing and De-Criminalizing Prostitution
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Reasons why Prostitution is criminalized
The question of why prostitution remains criminalized in most nations all over the world has raised a heated debate from both sides of the argument. Moralists argue that prostitution is against the set of traditional beliefs and customs that the society considers as moral and ethical. On a broader perspective, prostitution has been criminalized because it is deemed exploitive and demeaning to the sex workers (Hagan, 2010). Sex workers are at a higher risk of being raped and harassed, and on most occasions, such cases go unreported. Prostitution also contributes to human trafficking where women are moved from one country to another hoping to engage in sex for money. Majority of those who engage in prostitution are either immigrant, people of color, the disabled and other minority groups who have minimal options on how to feed their families (Mac, 2016).
Consequences of De-Criminalizing Prostitution
De-criminalizing prostitution is meant to make the sex industry safer for sex workers all over the world by removing statutory penalties that limit their rights. Although de-criminalizing prostitution is a bold step towards reducing some of the crimes related to the sex trade, it may have detrimental effects on the societal moral code. Rape incidences will gradually decrease if prostitution is decriminalized. Such a move indicates that the righ…

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