The Last Stand of Fox Company

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The Last Stand of Fox Company

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The Last Stand of Fox Company
The novel by Bob Drury and Tom Clavin, The Last Stand of Fox Company tells a story that captures the battle of 27th commandant of the Marine Corps and their heroic last stand. It spotlights a horrendous engagement of a small marine company of 2nd Battalions during the Korean war, fighting to hold open a mountain pass (Drury and Clavin 24). Through the subsequent chapters of the book, the authors give readers a riveting engagement of an extraordinary 246 marines who despite being out-number and out-gunned managed to hold off then thousand Chinese communist soldiers near the Chosin Reservoir.
The authors give a more vivid and intense description of the events that happened during the war between the Korean soldiers and the Fox Company marines through the first-hand account of the soldiers engaged in the battle. The survivor’s account and historical reports that were used to develop the whole plot of the book create a sense of satisfaction and amusement on the gravity of war and its effect. In fact, reading through the chapters, one feels connected and vividly engaged in the war.
The books capture the theme of heroism and brotherhood in a harrowing account. One does not need to be a Marine to understand the books, and the justification of war since the books attempt to capture the sacrifice, hardship, and determination of soldier towards serving their country. Throughout the book, reade…

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