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The King Speech

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The King’s Speech Movie: Questions
Do you think The King’s speech is a realistic movie? Why or why not?
Yes. The story is based on historical facts.
Apart from Bertie, who is the true hero of this movie?
Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush).
Why does Bertie want his brother King Edward VII to stay king?
Bertie has a stammer and feels embarrassed about it. Thus, he feels incapacitated to take over the King’s seat (Film education).
What is the turning point of this movie? When does Bertie overcome his fears and really start making progress?
The major turning point of the movie is the point when Bertie accepts assistance to end his stutter. Bertie overcame his fears by accepting that he has a speech disorder after delivering his first speech. If there is a psychological reason for Bertie’s stutter, what do you think it is? Why?
Bertie’s stutter is caused by early childhood experiences. He was intimidated and frightened by his father who was oppressive in nature when he was young. Bertie confesses to the speech therapist that he developed the stutter when he was four to five years old. The childhood experience instilled a fear of correctly expressing himself verbally specifically when he was angry. The expression of his speech represents his transgressions against his father (Film education).
Do you believe Logue’s theory that speech impediments come from some deep psychological pain? Why or why not?
Yes. According to Bertie’s…

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