The Importance of Wages

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The Importance of Wages

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The Importance of Wages
The amount of wages being offered by the employer is one of the most important metrics that employees consider when evaluating the suitability of a job. It is true that wages can be an essential source of motivation for a person to stay enrolled in a certain position. Nonetheless, even though a good salary can dictate how one feels about his or her job, its contribution towards personal satisfaction is limited. Wile (2017) illustrates that a fat paycheck is only valuable when it is used to attain the basic and the secondary needs in life. Once all these needs have been met, the significance of a fat pay slip start to diminish.
I have been entangled in a situation whereby I was earning little but I was still happy and satisfied with the job. Working as a project coordinator for a small environmental conservation non-governmental organization gave me an opportunity to fulfill some of my most treasured life ambitions. The pay was low but I was still happy because my efforts were channeled directly towards creating a sustainable environment. I have never got a well-paying job with good benefits. As I could imagine, there are certain jobs that I cannot enroll in even if they offer luxurious returns. For instance, I cannot enroll in the Central Intelligence Agency regardless of the perks and the benefits package plan they offer. As illustrated by Gregg (2016), personal satisfaction and happiness should be included in …

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