The Importance of Respecting People

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The Importance of Respecting People

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The Importance of Respecting People
Respecting someone means valuing their ideas, feelings and personal space. We live in a multiethnic society made of up individuals from all walks of life. Survival is dependent on the peaceful coexistence of diverse groups in society. Showing respects displays an appreciation of the differences that exist between individuals. On a typical day, humans interact with persons of different culture or religion, and this gives an individual an opportunity to learn something new
We must respect other people if we desire to be respected. Most people will be tempted to return the favor and show respect in return whenever they are treated kindly and warmly. Everyone has an innate value which should be recognized and honored at all times (Norville 19). Showing respect to people who are often regarded disrespectful may change their perception about the concept. Respect reciprocates to ensure that those who show respect are respected in return.
Respect help people maintain healthy relationships with each other. Respectful persons tend to respect the differences and personal space to avoid confrontations. Lack of respect is one of the major causes of conflicts (Norville 20). However, respecting other people will help someone avoid any confrontation that may ruin how people relate to each other. Furthermore, everyone ought to treat others the way he/she would like to be treated.
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