The Importance of Organizational Culture in Human Services

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The Importance of Organizational Culture in Human Services

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Human Service Administration
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Leadership is an important variant of an organization that affects the success and performance of an organization. Much research has been done on leadership, but a little has been done to analyze how leadership affects models and variants such as climate within an organization and organizational culture. In this research, I will provide a detailed relationship between the two regarding the way in which organizational culture aids in human service (Rabin, 2013). We will use the national institute of mental health research to determine how organizational structure aids in the delivery of human services. It’s a mental health research institutes recognized for its steadfast innovations in the field. We will analyze how the organizational structure of this institute helps in human services (SPAEF, 2015).
NHIM is a mental based organization in the United States and is internationally recognized. The company is the lead agency for the purpose of research on the mental disorder. The company is part of the United States department of health and human services (HHM). The management of this of this organization is known to spearhead the operation of these institution day-to-day processes (Nolan, 2011). The organization’s website is composed of detailed information of the management and order of leadership with relevant skills of the managers well stated. The stakeholders of the organization are well stated in the website under “a…

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