The Importance of Innovation Architecture

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The Importance of Innovation Architecture

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The Importance of Innovation Architecture

In the contemporary world of business, every business desires for expansion from the smaller to a bigger firm. The desire has been influenced by companies placing themselves strategically to compete in the market. As competition within the industry becomes stiff, companies develop new strategies not just to remain relevant on the market but also to outshine other competitors. A common strategy that seems to be adopted by business is innovation. The involved companies have created systems that allow creativity as a basic form of innovation to take place. The adopted culture, processes and management systems and styles have also made it possible for the employees with brilliant ideas of innovation to put them into practice (Jafari & Amoozegar, 2017). The establishment of the effective innovation process architecture for the innovation-oriented organization is what has led to these organizations grow.
As a tool for development, most of the top world performing companies have either given innovation the priority or is among the first three priorities. Good examples of the world’s most innovative companies include Apple, Google, and Procter & Gamble company. These companies have each adopted unique innovation culture that has incorporated the employees and makes it easy for them to exhibit their ideas into reality. Also, the processes and the management systems and styles of the mentioned companies are favo…

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