the Importance of Gun Laws

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the Importance of Gun Laws

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The Importance of Gun Laws
The Second Amendment in the American constitution allows citizens to own and bear arms. However, this right has raised numerous controversies in the United States as various parties differ on the citizen’s right to bear arms and the security of the Americans (DeGrazia and Hunt n.p.). This paper argues that gun laws are necessary, and the legislature should endeavor to discuss and pass laws that facilitate gun control in the United States.
One of the major discussion points in the debate about gun laws is the process through which gun owners are evaluated before they are deemed fit to own a gun. In many cases where shootings have occurred among the members of the public, the shooters are licensed gun owners. However, when the shooters are evaluated for mental health problems, the reports indicate that most shooters are mentally ill (DeGrazia and Hunt n.p.). This trend then raises questions on the evaluation criteria that allow such people to own guns.
Regardless of the findings of various reports, proponents of gun ownership argue that enacting stricter gun control laws cannot improve the security of American citizens. They argue that the policymakers who drafted the Second Amendment understood the problems that Americans faced, and that people should be allowed to own guns to protect themselves against any type of aggression (DeGrazia and Hunt n.p.). Therefore, they argue that people should…

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