The Impact of Supplier Innovativeness Information Sharing update

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The Impact of Supplier Innovativeness Information Sharing update

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Lecture, reading/chapter/novel/article during class, power point, movies (if need to collect info.)
Topic: Payment Schemes for a two-level consignment stock supply chain system
Essential Question: How does the supply innovativeness relate to information sharing and supply chain agility?

Questions/Main Ideas: Name: ____________
Date: ____
Forceful innovation on outsourcing companies The forceful innovation on outsourcing companies brings in the risk of losing control and the critical knowledge of capacity reduction. However, the suppliers undergo the disadvantage of adopting innovation in the supply chain outweighing the suppliers and buyers demerits they hope to acquire.
Expansion of the supplier innovativeness The supplier innovation has increased tremendously and has been adopted by the stakeholders including the buyers, suppliers and manufacturers at varying levels.
Transfer of innovation into the system The transfer of innovation into the system has been explained by the diffusion of theory which has to the individuals accepting them. The innovativeness has been related to manufacturer performance positively.
Supplier innovativeness is beneficial to manufacturers The innovativeness ensures that the costs of production are cut, there is improved quality, delivery happens on time, a flexible system that assists in product in development.
Forcing innovation on firms may cause risks of losing control The supplier innovativeness fa…

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