the impact of snow and rainand Baltimorehomelessness

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the impact of snow and rainand Baltimorehomelessness

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The Impact of Snow and Rain on Baltimore Homelessness
Project Description
This is a qualitative project that aims to investigate the impacts of snow and rain on the Baltimore homeless. On any given night, it is estimated that 2500 individuals in Baltimore are homeless (Bell et al. 8). This homelessness is caused by low incomes, lack of affordable housing and lack of comprehensive services (Bell et al. 8). Spending the night outside makes this population highly vulnerable to the negative impacts of weather elements like snow and rain. The project will track how rain and snow storm affects the various aspects of the lives of these individuals including social and economic activities.
Geographic Significance
Snow and rain are some of the weather elements with far-reaching impacts on the lives of the people living in the areas where they occur. Depending on its magnitude and duration, snow can cause long-lasting changes on the landscape of the areas where it falls including damages to the infrastructure (Bell et al. 8). It is also usually accompanied by large drops in temperature. Just like snow, the rain may sometimes cause damages to the landscape and is usually followed by a drop in temperatures (Every, Danielle and Richardson 146). However, in the rural areas where farming is practiced, the rain is usually a blessing to the farmers for it irrigates the land and facilitates the growth of crops. The extreme cold that follows a rain or snowfall…

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