The impact of cultural background on discipline

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The impact of cultural background on discipline

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The differences of nationalities regarding dress code violations, academic success, and productivity during study hall.
From the survey, the Russian speakers have a lower likelihood of violating their dress code than people from the other nationality. Eighty percent of the Russians do not violate dress code while 73% of the non-Russians are involved. Besides, the Saudi Arabians have a more like hood of violating such rules, as their dress code is often specific. The Spaniards also have a lower extent of violation of the dress codes among the non-Russians. In fact, all the population of the Spaniards from the studies stated they never violate the dress code. Most of those who violated the dress codes did so probably because they were uncomfortable with rules that limit their freedom and comfort. The cultural backgrounds of the students thus affect the mode of dressing they prefer to dress. The discipline of the Saudi Arabians is thus at a lower level than that of the others when it comes to matters of dressing. Regarding academics, 30% of the Russians and 38% of the non-Russians believe they spend most of their time productively. The Russians feel more at home and are bound to be distracted by other issues that they have back at home. However, the overall response from the survey on this question proves that most of the students do spend their time productively even if it is only to some extent. The Russians, Lithuanians and Ukrainians are the most …

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