The Impact of Communication

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The Impact of Communication

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The Impact of Communication
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The Impact of Communication
Classifying the techniques used in the various means of technology-mediated communication such as texts, emails and live video conferences among others relies on the type of connection used to link them. The determination of the techniques used to pair the devices depends on the distance between them and the magnitude of the information. Hence, the success of the science only works in the presence of the communication devices. The main categories of the techniques used are the wired and wireless communication. Wired communication relies on a wired link an is preferred over short distances. This technique can pass a large magnitude of the data used in communication, depending on the type of connection. Wireless connections, on the contrary, depends, on linking devices without using any wire. Wireless transmission relies on the transfer of waves either through digital or analog means, which is mainly powered by the various forms of electromagnetic interaction.
Electromagnetic communication depends on the transmission of waves such as microwaves, infrared radiations, light and radio waves. In the nineteenth century, the Morse code was used in the transmission of short and long light for communication. The technique was only efficient over short distances (Yang, Zhang, Wang & Zhang, 2018). The same method still applies in today’s communication. However, the advancement ha…

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