The humor in the Story Don Quixote

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The humor in the Story Don Quixote

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The Humor in the Story Don Quixote
Don Quixote, a Spanish-written novel fully titled “The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha” was done by an author called Miguel de Cervantes (Cahill pp.54). The novel narrates the encounters of a particular gentleman ‘hidalgo’ whose name is revealed at the dusk of the second part of the book as Alonso Quixano. Apparently, Alonso has read a myriad of Chivalric novels till he has gone insane. As a result, he has left with an intention of reviving chivalry, correct the mistakes and convince the world to embrace justice, but with another name, Don Quixote. In his bid, he begins by employing a simple farmer named Sancho Panza to act as his squire. The squire is charged with the responsibility of applying unique earthy wit to deal with the rhetorical orations of Don Quixote on antiquated knighthood. In the first part of this novel, Don Quixote chooses not to see the world in a realist’s point of view rather he prefers to live in denial thinking that he is living out in a knightly story.
The entire novel was published in two volumes, one in 1605 and another in 1615, and is viewed to be among the most influential literary works from the Spanish during the Golden age, as well as the combined literary canon of Spain. Being one of the founding works of modern Western literature, and also among the earliest canonical novels, Don Quixote frequently appears at the top of the ranks of the most astoundin…

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