The House on Mango Street

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The House on Mango Street

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The House of Mango Street
In the novel, “The House of Mango Street,” writing has played a significant role in Esperanza’s life. As she grows up, she goes through a series of awakenings, the most critical being sexual awakening. After being sexually assaulted, she decides to focus on writing to help her get over from her bad experiences of childhood (Cisneros 7). Writing has helped her change how she views sex. Esperanza’s develops the ability to distinguish right and wrongs, from an intense individualism to being responsible for her community.
Esperanza only hopes as a child was to escape the Mango Street. She wanted self-recognition, and she desired to leave her family and the people close to her neighborhood behind. As soon as she got used to the people in her community, however, Esperanza starts developing affection and responsibility towards them. She wants to help her neighbors get out of poverty. Nevertheless, she comes to understand later on when she develops the passion for writing that helping the community will take a lifetime.
When she realized that she could write, Esperanza knew she had to escape form the Mango Street (Cisneros 8). She can find who she is as an individual, that is, a writer, and we can see that she is a keen observer. Her ability to observe things in different perspectives has matured. She can narrate stories based on studying the people around her. Esperanza has changed to an a…

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