The Hiring and Recruitment Process.

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The Hiring and Recruitment Process.

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The Recruitment and Selection Process
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The Recruitment and Selection Process
The first consideration that I would have during the recruitment process is promoting competent employees. This approach is applicable if the job opening is above the entry level. The job advertisement process will involve putting up the notice on the notice board and employee referrals. I will evaluate the performance of potential employees to determine their skills, experience, and behavioral aspects to determine if they qualify for the position. Internal recruitment is particularly beneficial to a company since it reduces the costs of advertisement, increases accuracy in selecting the best person for a job position, and reduces the resources needed to equip an external candidate for the new position such as training and coaching (Gusdorf, 2008). The most significant change in the hiring process is the adoption of the online recruitment process. According to Gusdorf (2008), many organizations use social media, websites and other professional networks to post job openings. As a recruiter, I would adopt this method by using professional networks such as LinkedIn, and National News Websites to advertise any job openings. This strategy is cost effective and essential in attracting candidates with unique skills and talent which may not be available internally.
After the recruitment of potential personnel, I would then set a panel of interviewers to ai…

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