The Health Promotion Model: Nola J. Pender

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The Health Promotion Model: Nola J. Pender

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The Health Promotion Model: Nola J. Pender. Theory/Author Name and Background. The paper herein addresses the Health Promotion Model by Nola J. Pender, which is a mid-range theory. However, before this article delves deep into this topic, it would be appropriate first to provide background details of the theorist as well as the theory. Born on 16th August 1941, Nola J. Pender is an honored nursing theorist, academic, and author. She attended the Michigan State University where she earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in 1964 and 1965 respectively. Later on, she managed to receive a Ph. D. from Northwestern University in 1969. Around the time Pender was studying for a doctorate, she became very interested in the promotion of health. Pender stated that she had been influenced by James Hall, one of her doctoral advisors who studied how individual’s thoughts shaped their behaviors and motivation (Alligood & Tomey, 2013); this happened in the mid-1970’s. Accordingly, Pender began examining health-promotion nature and published the Health Promotion Model in the year 1982. Dr. Pender was a nurse professor for over forty years. During her teaching career, she mentored bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. students from all walks of life. She was honored in 1998 for her significant works as a teacher by being awarded the Teacher of the Year by the University of Michigan. Currently, she is a professor at the Loyola University, situated I Chicago, under the School of Nursing.

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