The government not doing enough for the homeless veterans

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The government not doing enough for the homeless veterans

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The Government Is Not Doing Enough for the Homeless Veterans
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The veterans stay in the streets without somewhere to call home, and this frustrates them. It is very unfair for people who risked their lives for America to suffer from traumatic stress disorder all for the US, and later to receive no assistance from anyone especially the government. There has been the trend for many homeless veterans who have been addicted to multiple drugs and alcohol abuse that has been repeatedly detrimental to their health. The Budget which was relocated during the era of Clinton term to cater for VA services related to mental fitness and drugs and substances abuse should be re-accessed and fully serviced. To serve the needs of veterans, logic dictates that the government defense forces and the veterans affairs should work together and closely. However, this has not been the case in the United States. This effort should be instituted by veterans’ affairs, companies, and local government.
Keywords: Veterans, homeless, local government, war, life
Thesis: Due to the lack of enough assistance from the US government veterans are facing increased homelessness, and they are not receiving the care they deserve.
It is strange and baffling to witness veterans who fought so hard and sacrificed their life wholly dedicating themselves to serve the US government at all cost live homeless life. Now one can never underestimate the suffering and neg…

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