The Globe

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The Globe

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The Globe
When I contemplate about the globe, I view it as one dewdrop dotted and striped with islands and continents flying through space with other stars all shining together and this makes me view the globe appear as an inestimable storm of beauty. The oceans are everything they cover two-thirds of the territorial globe its breath is healthy and pure. The globe is an immense desert where loneliness is never an issue for life stirring on all spheres. The globe reveals much about me am a passionate traveler, and my career in the hospitality industry truly fits in my passion in life. Travelling is of great value in my life, and this significantly influences my sentimental attachment to the globe which I feel is the true representation in miniature. All through my life have traveled to considerable destinations I moved to the U.S from Poland, and since then I have toured all countries in South and Central America as well as all European countries.

When I closely examine the globe, I notice many things that connect to me and my career in the hospitality industry. When I see places on the globe in the miniature presentation, and then I get to actually land on the very places, and I see them with my own eyes I feel the assimilation of knowledge. Observing the scenes directly makes a deeper impression than what I see on the globe. Traveling to other countries I have come across different customs, different cultures and habits as well as different manners. I not only learn about t…

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