The Girl who silenced the UN Five Minutes

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The Girl who silenced the UN Five Minutes

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The Girl Who Silenced the UN Five Minutes
Seven Suzuki’s speech is a powerful piece of work that made the United Nations delegates go silent for five minutes. The speech has a rich message that is perfectly delivered to the appropriate audience. Suzuki is just a child, but you can tell she is well aware of the environment more than many adults. The speech utilizes a various aspect of appeal to deliver its intended message and provoke the necessary action.
Suzuki starts by giving credibility to herself as the speechwriter by mentioning her name and title as the CEO of The Environmental Children’s Organization. This captures the attention of the audience as they identify her as a credible source worth listening to. Furthermore, the language used in the speech is simple and direct making it easy for the audience to understand. Suzuki also appeals to the emotions of the people by giving personal experiences on the effect of environmental degradation which many identify with. A perfect example is the story of fishing with her father. Additionally, she is able to use facts and figures to illustrate to the audience the extent of environmental degradation. In one instance, she points out that street children in Brazil are in need of food yet other countries like Canada throw food away.
Ronald Reagan’s speech on the Challenger disaster is one of the most powerful speeches in the United States at a difficult …

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