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The Gilded AgeIn USA

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The Gilded Age in USA: The Role of the Government
Question: What was the role of the government in defining, protecting, and limiting the liberty of the American workforce during the Gilded Age.
The Gilded Age is a significant era in the United States history that occurred between 1865 to 1890. The government played a considerable role during this period to protect the rights of American workers. Mark Twain and Charles Dudley Warner gave the Gilded Age its name (Cashman 34). The nation was growing fast, and laborers could not keep up with giant monopolies and modern corporations. Due to the looming threat of oppression of laborers rights, strong-willed workers, formed unions and parties to protect their liberty.
The government fully supported most of these unions and parties especially if they fought for workers rights peacefully. Many parties and unions rose during the Gilded Age, an example of a party was the Workingman’s Party which was formed in California. The main goal of the Workingman’s Party was to halt oppression of farmers from land monopolies. They were successful in this after they amended the Declaration of Independence.
Unions were formed to protect workers one example of such was the Knights of Labor. The Knights of labor played a huge role in ensuring its members were protected from discrimination, unjust wages and overworking. The United States Government was essential in the formation of these un…

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