The fight for Land, Power, and Wealth in Feudel Japan

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The fight for Land, Power, and Wealth in Feudel Japan

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The Feudal in Japan
Feudalism in Japan was experienced as the struggle for individuals to accumulate more wealth, for those without and those with land to conquer more land and ultimately those in power and with the power to have more power as indicated in (Hall 16). The medieval Japan was organized with an emperor and the court to settle disputes among themselves. The Japanese administration had become weak, and the wealthy landowners became rowdy as they sorted to grab each other’s land. The emperor was the head of the Japanese political system but did not rule. Fujiwara clan came to rise in the 800s became influential and led for 300 years, it was a wealthy family of nobles as indicated in (Hall 46). They held all the power as they controlled large tracts of land. They started to lose power as their administration collapsed with various daimyo members fighting against each other to protect themselves and their wealth. Daimyo was a group of wealthy private land owners who had strong connection with the Fujiwara clan, which was the ruling power. They hired samurai soldiers to protect them and in case they wanted to attack a fellow daimyo in times they had a misunderstanding.
The origin of the Japanese feudal system
Kamakura shogun family was established at around 1192 to rule the Japanese, who had no defined form of leadership although there were few vassals’ families by then. The emperor was the ultimate leader, bu…

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