The evidence based practice project

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The evidence based practice project

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The evidence-based practice project is about starting a community resource center in partnership with a local school to help children with anxiety disorder. Children with anxiety disorders such as social phobia, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder normally experience anxiety as a tenacious problem which affects their daily activities.
Bandelow, Borwin, Sophie Michaelis, and Dirk Wedekind. “Treatment of Anxiety Disorders.” NCBI 19.2 (2017): 93-107. Web. 23 July 2018.
Based on this article, anxiety disorders are the “most prevalent psychiatric disorders.” They are often associated with high burdens of illness. The recommended treatments in this article are based on systematic reviews of controlled studies, guidelines, and meta-analysis. The article suggests that anxiety disorders can be treated with pharmacotherapy, psychological therapy or the combination of both. According to this article, cognitive therapy may be considered as the psychotherapy with the greatest level of evidence.
Thibaut, Florence. “Anxiety Disorders: A Review of Current Literature.” NCBI 19.2 (2017): 87-88. Web. 23 July 2018.
The above article claims that there’s a high comorbidity between anxiety disorders and depressive disorders which makes treatment more complex. The current guidelines don’t recommend benzodiazepines as the primary treatments because of their poten…

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