The Ever-changing Yellowstone National Park

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The Ever-changing Yellowstone National Park

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Ever Changing Yellow Stone National Park
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Ever Changing Yellow Stone National Park
Maintenance of biodiversity is one of the prime objectives of any National Park. Such habitats help to encourage the natural living environments, of flora and fauna and help to sustain the respective ecosystems, which are occupied by these organisms. However, all across the globe it has been documented that diseases and intra-specific competition impose a threat to these organisms. If the dynamics of predator-prey interactions are not known/ or are not addressed such natural habitats will be lost (Dilsaver & William, 2005). One such natural habitat is the Yellow Stone National Park in the United States of America. The present article will try to highlight the diversity of species in relation to flora and fauna of the park. It would also try to implicate the various changes the park witnessed concerning its fauna and flora populations due to diseases and competition. Such disruption in species diversity will erode the energy flow in an ecosystem, by compromising various levels of tropic structures (Wheeler, 2010).
The Yellow Stone National Park is one of the National prides of United States. The park is situated in the state of Wyoming and is enriched with wide biodiversity. The park also extends to Montano and Idaho (Janetski, 1987). Yellow State National Park is the first of its kind, National Park in the world. It protects the species in their n…

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