The End of the Line

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The End of the Line

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The End of the Line*
Word count = 328THE END OF THE LINE.
One should consider reading “The End of the Line” by Marie Dudley to learn about the social phenomena, in particular, effects of economics social culture and its processes. Dudley focuses on the social trauma, globalization of industries and capture on economic dislocation. He addresses cases such as the assembly on Chrysler plant in Wisconsin and Kenosha. She interviews the residents in the area to determine the effect of change forced in the community, and I think by this he helps show the real picture of the change in the town to a postindustrial economy instead of a manufacturing one.
The change from the manufacturing to the post-industrial economy led to the loss of a lot of jobs taking into consideration, the fact that for many years the plant served as a source of livelihood and survival to the members of the society (Dudley, 1997). Placing workers from their jobs was a big blow to many which led to social traumas within the workers that lost their jobs. The recession was the main cause that led to the downsizing of the workforce by Chrysler. I think that the effects of the firm’s shutdown on the locals were the focus of the study by Dudley. Dudley was endeavored to address those that caused the social incident. She claims that everyone played a critical part in the behavior of the residents in the long haul. The administration was not entirely the cause of since the recession in pl…

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