The End of the Bronze Age – Robert Drews

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The End of the Bronze Age – Robert Drews

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The End of the Bronze Age – Robert Drews
1. Chapter 1
A. List three key sites that were destroyed. Give the evidence of their destruction
The sites that suffered destruction are Hatrusasitself, Alaca Hoyuk, Masar Hoyuk and Hattusas, the Hittite city at Alishar. Excavators of these locations discovered ash, charred wood as well as mudbricks that result from the melting as a result of intense heating of the conflagration. In Alaca Hoyuk, there was an ashy destruction level that extended over the whole of the excavated region.
B. Which empires largely escaped destruction?
The empire that escaped is Egypt though the empire lost its prestige and power shortly after the death of Ramesses. The others were Mesopotamia, which suffered little damage, as well as Assur and Babylon.
2. Chapter 3.
Theory 1: The Natural Disaster theory postulates that the destruction of the empires and nations between 1200 and 1180 B.C. was the result of natural disasters such as drought and earthquakes.
A. Who proposed this theory and when?
The theory is the proposal of Dieterich in 1994.
B. Give the evidence in favour of this theory.
The empires of the Bronze Age lacked organizational flexibility, had a ritualistic view of life and engaged in numerous battles with their neighbours. According to the records kept by Hatti, drought and famine led to the social catastrophe that the administrative inflexibility could not handle.
C. Give th…

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