The Effects of Watching Television on Adolescents

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The Effects of Watching Television on Adolescents

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The effects of Watching Television on Adolescents
The past years have raised considerable concern over the amount of time adolescents spend watching the television and the kind of content they view. According to the American Academy of Paediatrics, the average adolescent spends at least 3 hours watching television each day, and that is not inclusive of the time spent on films and video games. The total makes a lot of time, which in many aspects significantly influence and interfere with the lives of the adolescents. This paper points out some of the significant ways in which too much television time affects the lives of the adolescents.
As much as the television has some educative programs, it lacks an integral element necessary in the social development of adolescents and children. The television is engaging regarding the need for attention such that this age group can almost never multi-task while viewing the TV. The time spent engaged in the television, therefore, deny the adolescents the critical time that they would otherwise spend developing their social skills and social life during interaction with family and friends (American Academy of Pediatrics 423). The television also replaces the physical activities, such as exercising and sports that the children would engage in, and this in turn results to health issues, for instance, obesity, which then bring about problems with self-image and confidence (American Academy of Pediatrics 423).

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