The effects of violent video games on children

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The effects of violent video games on children

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Effects of Violent Video Games on Children
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Effects of Violent Video Games on Children
The paper discusses the effects of the violent video games to the children. The study has shown that the violent video games have increased aggressive behavior in children and hence their behavior is affected negatively. The academic performance of the children who engage in the violent video games is poor. The games also make the children to lack passion in the realization of their talents. The children easily engage in fights. The violent video games make the children believe that heroism is acquired through fighting. Additionally, the paper shows that the children have poor socialization skills since they spend most of their time alone on the computers playing the games. The project recommends that parents should check the games that their children are playing. They should be the supervisor to ensure that no violent video games are played by their kids. Therefore, the paper will play a major role in educating various parties on the effects of violent video games.
Keywords: Violent video games, children, negative consequences, aggressive behavior, poor socialization skills, effects on children, and gamers.
Introduction and Problem Statement
Computer games encompass all the video games that are played on personal computers and require user engagement to win. Over the years, there has been the development of complicated har…

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