The Effects of Manifest Destiny

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The Effects of Manifest Destiny

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The Effects of Manifest Destiny
The Manifest Destiny is a mindset that was held widely in the United States of America. The concept that the US was to extend its dominion and spread its democracy into the west significantly impacted the citizens and the country in several ways. The Manifest Destiny had both positive and negative impacts on politics, the economies and people of the United States (Bouchefra et al., 4).
Most individuals were convinced that the Manifest Destiny presented them a chance to have a fresh start in the west where there was an abundance of land and new markets. Besides, the east was experiencing hard economic times- a factor that made the people appreciate the idea of moving to the west. This expansion in the land, resources strengthened the American economy. Moreland ensured there was an improvement in farming and enough supply of farm produce. The dreams of the nation and her citizens to increase wealth were significantly bolstered by the new opportunity for trading with other countries (Bouchefra et al., 4).
Bouchefra and colleagues (16) argue that the Manifest Destiny concept proliferated slavery. The expansion into the west happened in a time when the United States was already in conflict with Great Britain and might have intensified conflicts. The entitlement for expansion led to tension with countries like Mexico and made Americans power hungry and greedy. Besides, there was a loss…

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