The effects of depression on social interaction

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The effects of depression on social interaction

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The Effects of Depression On Social Interaction
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Depression is one of the outrageous psychological disorders caused by numerous factors. These facts may include the interpersonal relationship from the peers as well as the family. That entails connection between individuals who share the same social norms and possess same emotions towards each other. Social relationship plays a critical role in the cause of a particular anxiety.
Many individuals have suffered from depression in one pint in their lives. At a time, it may be inevitable as many persons not to know how best to handle the depression, especially at the social level. It very hard to overcome and this is the reason as to why it is said to be a disorder that needs a serious treatment. According to the record many individuals, approximately 75 percent have been hospitalized since they suffer from this disorder. In as much as it is caused by various issues within the social settings, depression possesses different effects in our social interaction. It is evident that depression affects the family relationship, ties between the close friends and colleagues. These may, in turn, leads to isolation and poor performance among members of a typical social setting.
Notably, depression harms both physically and mentally (Videbeck, 2011). For this fact it is said to have affected an individual efficacy to work and typically function especially in a social set…

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