The effect of social media on teens

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The effect of social media on teens

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The Effect of Social Media on Teens
The use of social media sites has become the most common practice in teenagers. All websites that have a social interaction capability are classified as social media site, for example, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter; gaming sites and virtual worlds like Second Life and Sims; video sharing platforms like YouTube. This platform provides teenagers with an avenue for both entertainment and interaction and has advanced significantly over the last few years. Therefore, it is crucial to comprehend the nature of these platforms since not all can be considered safe environments for teens. Additionally, an understanding of the effect social media has on teen stress, anxiety, and insecurity will help identify the ways to assist teenagers maneuver through their lives.
Relevant studies show that there is a relationship between social media and depression. Igor et al. performed a study to analyze the likelihood of high schoolers being depressed and compared it to the relationship between depression and the use of TV. The study concluded that there is a high correlation between the use social media site, Facebook. Another study concludes that positive interactions on social media sites have been directly linked to low levels of depression and anxiety while negative interaction has resulted in high levels of depression and anxiety (Seabrook, Kern, and Rickard).
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