The Declaration of Independence

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The Declaration of Independence

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Declaration of Independence
The unfolding that led to the declaration of independence in the American states marks a very important historical event that seemed to address critical grievances that were raised during the time. There were widespread violations of human rights but also political representations. Among the major grievances that were aired against the oppressive rule of the British hoping to get favour from the King of Great Britain. These included the imposition of taxes without representation. The colonies lacked representation in the parliament which meant that the subjects were denied the right of expression. The closure and subsequent ban on foreign trade denied the Americans at large the basic right of movement and association. This affected business especially at the Boston port which was a major shipping zone. Another major grievance pertained to the exercise of justice. British soldiers were immune from trials for extrajudicial murders committed in their areas of operations. The independence declaration paper suggests that the trials could be carried out in Britain with minimal interferences.
Nonetheless, there were other grievances which would be perceived to be lee weighty in the independence declaration and these included provisions for armed forces, their independence and the expansion of the authorities. The cry against this expansion was opposed as the officers constantly harassed the inhabitants (Stevens, 10)

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