The day my dad leaves us

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The day my dad leaves us

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The Day My Father Left
Today is my friend Joe’s birthday. His father has bought him a new camera; Joe wants to be a wildlife photographer. The present has just reminded me of the difference between me and my friend Joe. A father’s involvement in a child’s development enhances emotional, cognitive and social development (Lamb 109). This was however not the case for me since I grew up without a father. It all started one Saturday afternoon when I was in the third grade. Before this day everything was fine, and I enjoyed all the privileges that come with being the only child. As a routine, every Saturday afternoon, I would accompany my mother to the grocery store where we would shop for enough fresh foods to eat it during the week. Occasionally, my father would come along, and we would enjoy being out together as a family.
On this particular afternoon, dad declined to accompany us to the store arguing that he had to meet a friend for a business discussion. We went out as usual and did our shopping. When we returned home, a sticky note was stuck on the table. Mother asked me to read it out loud as she arranged the grocery in the fridge. The note stated “I have finally quit. I will occasionally come to see my child.” I saw the confusion on my mother’s face as she snatched the note from me. “Don’t worry,” she said. “I’ll be fine,” I replied. Though I was young, I understood what she was going through and did not press on her wi…

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