The Dangers of Vaccines

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The Dangers of Vaccines

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The Dangers of Vaccines
Many researchers have come forward describing the possible health risks associated with vaccines, in spite of the conviction of the inevitability and safety of vaccines. A scientific publication by the Department of Paediatric Rehabilitation from the University of Bialystok has established that there are several serious neurological repercussions associated with vaccination. Considering that vaccines normally contain the same ingredients, the effects on infants and young adults are the same throughout the world.
The University of Bialystok is a recognized medical institution that has carried out research on some important topics. The available evidence is indicative of the fact that vaccines are harmful in nature. There exists an incredible amount of research on the topic of vaccines that medical professionals are not conversant with, which has been done by doctors and specialists from various universities. Medical specialists are normally directed to studies conducted by pharmaceutical institutions and the producers of vaccines (Coulter, 89).
This paper explores the prescription of vaccines about serious repercussions, effects on the immune system, neurological indications after vaccinations and history of vaccines showing a little advantage. Most researches are conducted in the Western world, thereby increasing the sphere of studies to a worldwide one offers stakeholders with an extensive range…

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