The cutting edge child sex trade

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The cutting edge child sex trade

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Cutting Edge: Child Sex Trade
I watched Cutting Edge: Child Sex Trade, a documentary filmed by Liviu Tipurita and published on April 22, 2009. The six-part documentary is about international sex trade in Romania, orchestrated by people who come into the country as tourists. They target financially vulnerable children and lure them with money and the promise of living comfortable lives abroad. The children involved are as young as eleven years old, and since they live under deplorable conditions, the allure of easy money is too sweet to resist.
In part I, Liviu Tipurita meets fifteen-year old Laurentiu, a street kid who reveals that he has been selling sex since he was twelve years old. The story of Laurentiu is a manifestation of how desperation drives children into this killer trade. Before he began selling sex, Laurentiu attempted suicide by setting himself on fire, and when his efforts botched, he plunged himself into the sex trade. A German pedophile has organized a passport for him to travel abroad in what is a clear intention to sell off the innocent soul abroad.
In part II, Tipurita meets George who was molested at the age of seventeen by a Briton called Tom. His story confirms that the child sex trade has gone online. According to George, Tom took his nude pictures and posted them on his online sites. As Tipurita goes through one of the online sites, he comes across photos of many Romanian boys, including George, and below ever…

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