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The Culture Inside
Question 1
Of the six stages required for development as a critical thinker, I think I am in the fourth stage; the practicing thinker. This is because I recognize the necessity of regular practice toward becoming a critical thinker. Ever since I became conscious of the need to improve my thinking, I have constantly practiced critical thinking by analyzing situations critically before reaching conclusions.
Of the nine strategies to develop as a thinker, I feel that the use of wasted time is the most approachable. In my life, I have wasted a lot of time doing things that do not add value to my life. I think I can invest that time to practice being a critical thinker.
Question 2
The seven implicit bias tests are presidents IAT, disability IAT, gender-science IAT, sexuality IAT, Religion IAT, gender-career IAT, and weapons IAT. I received the results of these implicit bias tests with mixed reactions. While I got frustrated with the results of the tests in which I performed dismally, I was also impressed by the scores in the tests in which I performed well.
Question 3
I was surprised at the results of the open-mindedness test. While I had thought of myself as open-minded, the results of the test confirmed otherwise. When I asked a friend what he thought about me with regards to open-mindedness, his reply resonated with what I believed about myself.
Question 4
Studying intercultural communication fosters global and interp…

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